Death of Diego Maradona: Doctors and carers charged with voluntary manslaughter.

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The doctors and nurses who treated the deceased world footballer, Diego Maradona, are now being prosecuted for voluntary manslaughter. They face several years in prison.

In fact; last November; the seven accused for the death of Diego Maradona; until now accused of involuntary manslaughter; are charged with voluntary manslaughter and still from 08 to 25 years in prison; according to a judicial source.

« After so many injustices, the truth has exploded. The most important thing is that the charge has been changed to premeditated homicide », said a member of the San Isidro prosecutor’s office (a suburb of Buenos Aires) in charge of the investigation.

Thus. This aggravation of the charges is linked to the publication at the beginning of May of an expert report which concluded that Maradona had been « abandoned to his fate » by his medical team, whose « inadequate, deficient and imprudent » treatment led to a slow agony.

The 20 experts, including the forensic doctors who performed the autopsy and specialists in various medical disciplines, considered that « the signs of danger of death that he presented were ignored » and that the nursing care provided was « marred by deficiencies and irregularities ».

In fact; Maradona; who suffered from kidney, liver and heart problems; died of a heart attack on 25 November 2020; just weeks after undergoing brain surgery for a blood clot

Seven people were indicted by the San Isidro Public Prosecutor: the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, the main defendant; the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov; a psychologist; two nurses (a man and a woman) who were at Diego Maradona’s bedside; as well as the supervisor of these nurses; and a doctor coordinating the hospitalization at home


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