Clermont Foot : arrest of Mohamed Bayo, after a car incident.

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After having committed a hit and run following a traffic accident ; the Clermont Foot forward; Mohamed Bayo was arrested by police on Sunday morning.

This Monday, October 25, according to the prosecution of Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme), decided to extend the custody of Mohamed Bayo.

The player, Clermont Foot’s top scorer in Ligue 1 this season with six goals, was arrested this Sunday around 7:00 am, shortly after an accident between his car and another vehicle; in Chamalières, in the Clermont suburbs. Brought back to the police station, he was subjected to a blood alcohol test which revealed a level of 0.88g / l of blood.

Mohamed Bayo did not get out of the woods.

Arrested and taken into custody overnight from Saturday to Sunday after causing an accident while intoxicated, Mohamed Bayo would still be there. During his custody, the 23-year-old center-forward, CF 63’s top scorer this season, would have denied the facts, before confessing, justifying his behavior after being « panicked ». Two people who were in the vehicle hit by Mohamed Bayo were injured. They were prescribed 10 and 12 days of total work stoppage. According to the Team; the 23-year-old would still be at the police station when he should have gotten out on Sunday. Being a repeat offender – he had already been convicted in 2019 for driving under narcotics; he should be summoned by the Clermont-Ferrand court soon.


Crédit photo: Foot Mercato

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