OL-OM : The author of the bottle throwing on Dimitri Payet, sentenced to six in prison.

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Supporter who is the author of the throwing of bottles on the head of Dimitri Payet was on trial on Tuesday, November 23, and was sentenced to six months in prison.

The Lyon Criminal Court has decided to sentence the attacker to six months in prison and a ban on access to the Olympique Lyonnais stadium for five years. The supporter, the 32-year-old who threw the water bottle at Dimitri’s head at the very start of the OL and OM game on Sunday, is not known to be an ultra-fan and was unknown to law enforcement. He will therefore have to pay a symbolic euro to Payet and the LFP for the damage caused. The game never resumed after this incident.

His judgment in immediate appearance this Tuesday, before the 14th chamber of the criminal court of Lyon for « violence with weapon by destination in a sports enclosure ». This Tuesday, six months in prison were required for him.

« I don’t know what went on in my head, the euphoria, I don’t know, » said defendant Wilfried Serriere, 32, wearing a white Bayern Munich jersey under a blue anorak, without being able to explain his gesture. Fan of OL for fifteen years, without belonging to a supporters’ club, he apologized to the Marseille player, saying he had not aimed at her in the head. He says he picked up the bottle on the ground, before having had the sudden idea of ​​throwing it, when the OM captain was about to take a corner. In the images broadcast to the audience, we see him lowered his hood before throwing the full bottle of 50 centilitres.

That of the OL evoked « the numerous prejudices » suffered as a result of the stoppage of the meeting; request for reimbursement from spectators, insults received by the club and the closed door imposed for the next meeting (Lyon-Reims, December 1).


Crédit photo:Foot Mercato

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